About When You’re Not Working!

When You’re Not Working! is a site about the things that people love to do when they aren’t working-mainly involving the consumption of entertainment.  From movies to video games and beyond, the site covers anything that people do to relax after a long day’s work.

The blog is created, curated, and edited by yours truly, Brandon E. Gaylor.  I make my living in the IT field, but I also like to dabble as a film critic on the side.  In the 5-plus years I’ve spent writing movie reviews for the web, I’ve gotten plenty of opportunities to meet new people, and get introduced to new and amazing films.

In the meantime, I do like to consume an India Pale Ale or two every now and then.  But my true passion is movies, and that fuels my love for the entertainment medium.  Entertainment allows me to unwind after a long day.  Entertainment moves me, makes me laugh, and makes me imagine that the world could be so much better when I’m having a bad day.

Thanks for taking a chance on the site.  What entertains you?


Brandon E. Gaylor
Founder, Curator & Editor-in-Chief

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns? Just want to chat?  Drop me a line:

2 Responses to About When You’re Not Working!

  1. Paul says:

    Is your favorite movie Point break?

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